I am an SEO professional and often I have to explain to a client what a website is and the importance of updating their website, with doing a simple and clear comparison. Which I will share the comparison in this short article…

You just think that you are the owner of a shop with a window that has a high traffic of potential customers, how many times during the month you would change your showcase?

Depending on the type of store, the window can vary, once or twice a month, or maybe even more, so why not update your website with the same principle?

The website is your window on the network, a showcase with a huge shift, great potential but we must know how to exploit to its advantage.

Making a website is only the first step to increasing your visibility on the web, a constant updating and care of your site are critical steps to improve web presence and ranking on search engines.

New content to improve visibility

Each new article creates a new page of the site, which can be positioned on search engines for a specific keyword, this is a clear signal to Google and search engines that your site is active since it will emerge and rise in positioning.

On the other hand, a non-updated website will give a negative signal to both search engines and potential customers, who will visit your online shop window, the image that you transmit via website is critical, as the customers visiting a website and are not being updated, so they believe your company is not likely to deliver the services they need and exclude you from the choice.

How do you find customers on the internet?

The statistics speak for itself, as the majority of people now search all basic services including those through the Internet: computer, tablet or even more from your phone when you are around, so why not let us find you first on the search engines with a site updated and active in order to present the most of your activities.

Constance in updates

The constancy in the updates is the basis for the management of your website, this does not recommend that you update a site with a daily recurrence, each according to its availability can decide how often to insert updates trying to set goals that are in able to comply.

Twice a month, once a week, could be excellent starting points to work to update the website maybe presenting the news of your business, your flagship products or tenders of the month, items that can arouse interest in customers or deepen their knowledge of a product or service.

Do not forsake your website

Your website’s position on search engines does not remain constant over time if it is not updated, other competitors updating their website or restructuring it could easily positioning on Google and recover the ground may not be so easy in the short term.

For this, we recommend you not to abandon your website once published online, update it will always guarantee a good visibility, will allow you to save on advertising investment in the print media and the area and will allow you to gain customers from more parts of the territory.