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Our team of talented publicists have the skills to efficiently communicate with the public, both through compelling digital and traditional public relations tactics. Our relationships with media, online influencers and bloggers drive visibility to you by featuring your brand on large social media sites, blogs and local and national publications, keeping you in the spotlight.



“ProfessionsSEO has consistently grown our traffic for over 6 years. We started with SEO and now do social media, AdWords, Facebook, remarketing and even international marketing. I highly recommend them.”

Jesse Ness


John Lincoln is CEO of Ignite Visibility, a digital marketing teacher at UC San Diego, author of the book “Digital Influencer” and “The Forecaster Method” and Director and Producer of SEO: The Movie and Social Media Marketing: The Movie. Lincoln is one of the most sought-after digital marketing consultants in the industry and was recently named the Search Engine Land Search Marketer of the Year.

Benefits of PR Include

  • An advantage over competitors not focusing on a media placement strategy
  • Boosted credibility bringing more value to your traditional advertising
  • Awareness of your company’s products or services
  • A more influential image of your company
  • Increased SEO visibility, larger social communities and bigger email lists
  • Reinforcement of your company
With decades of experience and senior staff, we have a wide range of customization abilities based on your individual needs.
Why Work with Ignite Visibility Over Other SEO Agency?
  • Consistently named a top SEO company in the United States on all top industry lists
  • Over 50 5 star reviews online
  • No long term contracts, we earn our keep each month
  • We teach search engine optimization and web analytics at UC San Diego (we will teach you)
  • Over 150 clients such as Tony Robbins, 5 Hour Energy, The Knot World Wide, and Sharp Healthcare.
  • We integrate SEO with social media, CRO, SEM, content marketing and public relations.
  • Featured on the New York Times, Forbes, Search Engine Land, Entrepreneur, Inc.
  • Expert and experienced staff. Over 85 full-time expert employees.
  • Our CEO is one of the top SEO consultants in the field.
  • We are international SEO experts (full translation and international SEO capabilities)
  • We are more than an SEO company and manage over 60 million in advertising a year


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1. What is Digital Public Relations?
Digital PR is much like regular PR, with an emphasis on building links to your content.
Essentially, it’s a tactic used to gain more online recognition. It involves building relationships with content creators and journalists, as well as building citations and backlinks.
Those backlinks will not only help you build buzz about your brand, but give you an extra boost int he search rankings.
2. What Does a Digital PR Strategy Look Like?
Our Digital PR campaigns start with a complete look at your target market and where they spend the most time online.
Then, we’ll go to work to help your brand integrate into those communities so that you can get mentioned, become a thought leader, and generate links that result in more visits to your website.
Using a variety of channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online forums and blog comment sections, we’ll target influential bloggers, editors, referral partners, key social media accounts, and more to get them writing and mentioning your business.
Additionally, we’ll do a deep dive into the strategies your competitors are using to find ways those strategies can also work for you.
3. How is Digital PR different than traditional PR?
Though similar, digital PR differs from traditional PR in a few important ways.
The most noticeable is that traditional PR typically involved outreach to more traditional publications, such as magazines, newspapers, radio, and television.
Digital PR, on the other hand, puts an emphasis on influencer and blogger outreach. It also utilizes tactics such as SEO and link building to gain more exposure online.
4. How do you measure the success of Digital PR?
Like most digital campaigns, determining how successful your digital PR campaign is relies heavily on tracking the right metrics. Much of it will also come down to monitoring the referral traffic your site is getting from each digital placement.
You’ll want to keep an eye on social shares, monitor performance using social tools, look at your backlink authority and where your backlinks are coming from using a tool like BuzzSumo, and look for upswings in branded traffic searches.
It’s harder than ever to plan, execute, and refine an SEO strategy that gets results. The days where blogging and the occasional ad campaign could land you on the front page of the Google search results are over.

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