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As companies grow, so does their locational presence in the real world and online. This means offering products and services in different cities, states and countries, as well as the languages that are spoken in those specific areas. Ignite Visibility specializes in multilingual and multiregional website projects, and has the ability and experience to structure websites specific to any location and any language.



“ProfessionsSEO has consistently grown our traffic for over 6 years. We started with SEO and now do social media, AdWords, Facebook, remarketing and even international marketing. I highly recommend them.”

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John Lincoln is CEO of Ignite Visibility, a digital marketing teacher at UC San Diego, author of the book “Digital Influencer” and “The Forecaster Method” and Director and Producer of SEO: The Movie and Social Media Marketing: The Movie. Lincoln is one of the most sought-after digital marketing consultants in the industry and was recently named the Search Engine Land Search Marketer of the Year.

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  • We literally wrote the guide on multilingual and multinational SEO on Search Engine Land
  • An International SEO Consultant can push your site into over 40 countries!
  • Featured on Forbes, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, UT San Diego, CIO Magazine, Entrepreneur
  • Experience with biggest websites online, startups and medium sites
  • We teach the SEO and analytics course at UC San Diego
  • Honest, hardworking, dedicated to client success, true experts
  • All SEO services are 100% customized
  • We solve the hardest issues that other SEO companies can’t


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1. What does an international SEO consultant do?
An international SEO consultant helps companies determine new countries to target and branch into. Once a new area has been selected, the consultant will help map out a plan for the website and make sure its SEO is technically correct. They ensure the correct hreflang attribute is being used (which tells Google which language you’re using on a specific page), as well as updates Google search console to include the new area. Once everything is technically correct, an international SEO consultant will push the website into the new countries and languages.
2. How long does international SEO take?
The time frame will vary by project, though website pages can be translated in as little as two weeks. Results generally take about 2 to 4 months to see, though this can be faster if it’s an established website and changes are made quickly.
3. How much does international SEO cost?
Our international SEO consulting services start at $3,500 on smaller projects and go up from there. It all depends on the project.
4. Do you offer translation services for international SEO?
We do. We offer full services, and can expand into every country and translate to every language. Our international SEO consultants have the ability to create hundreds of translated pages a month.
5. How do you decide what international seo markets are the best to go after?
We evaluate and decide on markets based on which have the biggest opportunities for business. We review each company in Google analytics, and look at the search traffic in each market and the level competition. Once we’ve reviewed all available data, we narrow down the markets in which your business will best be able to sell your products or services.

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